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Rittenhouse Verdict Shows America Isn’t Dead Yet

There isn’t really much to say that we all don’t know already with the result of one of the most high profile criminal cases in recent history. We all knew that young Kyle Rittenhouse was innocent of any criminal intent and was simply defending himself and his family. The only doubts any of us really…More

You Have to Fight for Your Right to Be Left Alone

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I tend to be a loner. There is obviously a certain amount of need for me to have contact with other people, and I can’t be alone for extended periods of time without starting to get a bit of loneliness creeping into my space, but much of the…More

The Natural Response to Force

When we think of the average person, we tend to think of someone who has a reasonable amount of intelligence who can think logically through moderately complex issues and come up with a rational end state of thought on a fairly consistent basis. The term “common sense” has been applied to this somewhat vague idea…More

The Illusion of Power

So many of us today are struggling with this idea that events are moving beyond our control and we fear what tomorrow might look like. Perhaps it is a feeling we have of being a small person in a big world run by powerful people who will crush us if we refuse to comply with…More

And You Wonder Why We Resist

It’s old news by the time this article goes live, but as many of us expected it turns out that Fauci lied about his connection with the Wuhan lab and the gain of function research related to COVID-19. As far as I know, there has been no conclusive evidence presented that the virus absolutely originated…More

Do We Need Police?

One of the consistent ideas that has existed in human society almost from the beginning is the desire for professional security services provided by experts who know how do do that sort of thing. While in the past it might have simply been a cooperative group of villagers banding together to fight off danger and…More

Compulsory Vaccinations Ignore Human Nature

It’s been bandied about for quite a while now that perhaps the government should simply mandate vaccinations in one form or another. There are two sides of that argument that are both valid, and which side you land on depends on your philosophy about what it is to be a citizen of the United States.…More

California Recall Election

I’m not a fan of California. The funny thing about that is that I’ve lived here for nearly two decades of my life, having moved around SoCal for the military and then finally settling in San Diego after I was discharged for a medical problem. As I’ve told many people in the past, I love…More

All Government Is Evil

“Men must be governed; often not wisely I’ll grant you, but they must be governed nonetheless.” -Captain Aubrey, Master and Commander One of the biggest debates that has ever raged within human societies is determining which form of government is best suited to provide the kind of environment most of us seem to prefer. Many…More


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