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What Does a Free Nation Look Like?

In our modern world we struggle with many different threats that draw our attention away from what is most important in our lives. The United States has so many enemies that would love to cause us harm and pull us down out of their own hatred for what we have accomplished in just a couple…More

The Terror of Public Perception

Things have changed from the way they were not so long ago. For most of human history we have been primarily concerned with our own survival, prompted into action whenever the circumstances required that we perform some specific action to ensure that our future was more or less secure. We were always cognizant of the…More

Why is Everything “Institutional”?

I spend a great deal of my time wandering the internet in search of information. Sometimes it’s news articles to keep up to date with current events. Other times it might be podcasts trying to get another perspective on a particular issue. If I’m perfectly honest, a lot of it is simply watching YouTube in…More

An Infantile Leader

We live in a ridiculous time. Yes, there are many awesome things going on in the world of technology and we have access to more information and more options and more everything than in any time in human history. However, at the same time as we have all these amazing things, we have an astounding…More

Do We Need Constitutional Carry?

I’ve been trying to avoid writing this article. I’ve made my position clear in the past on my position regarding firearms and the place I think they should have in our society. I’m not a fan of rehashing topics over and over, but sometimes you just have to revisit things from time to time when…More

Leadership 101

There was a time when the United States was the premier nation in the world by every metric. We led the world in production, our military was the strongest and best trained, and our social influence dominated every inch of the globe. While much of this is still true, it is clear that America is…More

The Greatest Scam Ever Devised

Politics. I think after reading the title of this article and the first word, most people would simply nod sagely and be ready to move on. It’s no secret that there is a lot of corruption in the world of politics, and the consequences are felt by everyone, everywhere. From officials being paid off to…More

There Is No Revenge In Racial Harmony

America has a history with racism, and it isn’t something that anyone can really deny. We can argue about the existence of slavery throughout time, and it is a perfectly reasonable argument, but it doesn’t erase the evil nature of this practice and America’s participation in it. The bald faced truth is that America as…More

What Goes Around Comes Around

It’s human nature to feel the need to take advantage of a situation that is favorable to us. When something happens that puts us in a position to get what we want, we are all too quick to jump on the opportunity and we rarely think about the consequences of what seizing that moment might…More

100+ Posts!!

I am excited that I have been able to stick with this through more than 100 posts! Thank you all for continuing to read. It’s really motivating to know my effort is getting noticed! I’m really looking forward to post number 365. Here’s hoping we get there! If you liked this post and would like…More


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