This is a place where we can learn about ourselves and figure out what ideals we want to incorporate into our lives. Most of us stumble blindly through life shifting from one perspective to another with little thought as to why. A firm ideological foundation can solve many of our problems.

Honesty is the Best Policy

We live in an alien world these days. The one I grew up in was far different from the one we’re experiencing today. As a child, I was raised with certain ideas that were universally accepted by American society as an ideology we should all be striving for. The United States has been the beacon…More

If You Can’t Bend You Risk Breaking

Our modern world is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the services and technology that we have access to have given us an unprecedented quality of life that just a century ago was out of reach for even the wealthiest of people. The other side of the coin is a darker part of our…More

Political Exhaustion

As an older millennial, it took me quite a long time to develop an interest in politics. I’m no expert, and I certainly don’t keep up with nearly as much as I probably should, but I try to stay on top of major developments so I’m at least aware of the broad stroke things that…More

Learning to Make Money with Something You Enjoy

Making money is one of the more sad things that we have to deal with in our lives on this little pale blue dot we call Earth. The laws of nature dictate that we have to put in time and effort into very boring things like finding resources to survive. As most of us have…More

Why Is No One Getting Hired?

We hear it all the time these days: so many jobs and not enough employees to fill the positions. It seems crazy to think that with so many people out of work, yet so many available jobs, that we are struggling to get people hired. There are a lot of theories as to why this…More

Relationships Are Only As Difficult As We Make Them

I don’t declare myself to be an expert on relationships, as there have only been two people in my life who became serious love interests for me. One was a marriage that lasted nearly a decade; the other an engagement that lasted three years. When it comes to telling people what they should do when…More

You Get What You Pay For

They say the best things in life are free. It would be nice if that were true, and perhaps if you’re talking about money, it has a ring of truth to it. However, it is the unfortunate truth that anything worth having has a cost associated with it, something we have to give up in…More

Life is More Like Burger King Than Denny’s

A few times during the course of my life I’ve heard the phrase “you don’t fill my cup”. This rather innocuous phrase is an indirect pointer to the way our society has evolved over the last century as we become more and more consumer centric. One of the most dangerous mindsets in the world is…More

A Life of Aimlessness

I’ve said a few times before on this blog that I struggle with knowing what I want to do with my life. Over the course of nearly four decades, I’ve done so many different things that most people probably wouldn’t believe it. If I recall, I covered some of that in one of my first…More

An Echo of Reality

I came to a rather stark realization this morning: I don’t exist. At least, not in the way that everyone else around me seems to. So many people seem to have at least a vague understanding of who they are and what they are about, but I’ve spent my entire life struggling with what I…More


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