This is a place where we can learn about ourselves and figure out what ideals we want to incorporate into our lives. Most of us stumble blindly through life shifting from one perspective to another with little thought as to why. A firm ideological foundation can solve many of our problems.

The Problem with Being Unrealistic

Human beings reach for the stars. It’s in our nature to be unsatisfied with what we have and constantly strive for something better. The drive to succeed and accomplish great things is what has propelled us from living in cold, dark caves to the fantastic level of technology that we enjoy today. There is nothing…More

Inequity is Correct…For Now

It’s a word that just about everyone hates these days, like every other word that has become politically charged through the actions of one group who has decided something is bad. Some people hate what the word represents, railing against a system they see as unfair and exclusionary. Others hate it because it assaults what…More

Too Much Content

I think most people would agree that the internet is probably the single greatest advancement that human beings have made in the history of our existence. At no prior point in our past have we had the level of connectivity not just between those people in our immediate sphere, but with people from all around…More

How Do You Find Work You Love?

Clearly, there can be no standard answer for the title of this article. If anyone had actually figured out a short and simple way of finding and getting into a career that you love, everyone would be doing it. The unfortunate reality of life is that most of us will be forced to labor under…More

Fighting with Yourself

I think most people struggle with living with who they are. We are brought up to believe that we should be good people, striving to help others and participate in society in the way that everyone else seems to. For some people, this comes quite easily and they are able to set aside their selfish…More

Leading with Compassion

We have seen a drastic shift in the way our culture perceives what is right and proper in how we deal with the people around us. Much of this has to do with how far we’ve strayed from having to struggle against the world simply to exist, the conveniences of life allowing us to wallow…More

Spend a Little Now to Save a Lot Later

Few people are content with spending money on things that don’t add value to our lives. We would much rather buy something fun or exciting, or maybe we live paycheck to paycheck and it’s hard to just put food on the table. Whatever the reason might be, we tend to want to procrastinate spending money…More

Living With Algorithms

The internet has become pretty boring, if I’m being perfectly honest. Like most things that have been around for a while, you get to the point where if you’ve seen one thing, you’ve seen them all. Part of this is our natural tendency to become desensitized to things over time, but there is another aspect…More

Practice What You Preach, Especially If You’re a Public Figure

This is a pretty simple topic that doesn’t really require much extensive explanation, but I wanted to take some time to go over the dangers of hypocrisy, especially if you put yourself out into the world as a paragon of any given ideology. One of the worst things a person can do is to preach…More


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