This is a place where we can learn about ourselves and figure out what ideals we want to incorporate into our lives. Most of us stumble blindly through life shifting from one perspective to another with little thought as to why. A firm ideological foundation can solve many of our problems.

Personal Post: Space

I was struggling to come up with a topic for today’s article, so I figured I’d go back to one of the semi-series of articles I started in the form of personal posts that talk about something about me or one of my interests. There is quite a long list of randomly different things that…More

Sometimes You Can Be “Too Efficient”

So I’m going to tell a real life story for this post. I woke up this morning to find my trailer floor covered with water. This wasn’t as surprising as most people would find it, as I’ve had some problems with leaking in the past. As I continued to investigate, however, it turned out that…More

Life as a Lazy Person in a Work Hard World

One of the principles I’ve wanted to maintain on this blog is to provide an unfiltered view of the world from my own perspective in the hope that being real with my readers will cause what I have to say to resonate with people. It’s easy to get up on a platform such as this…More

When Science Gets It Wrong

As we move forward in our push to ever greater heights of scientific achievement, it is easy to assume that what we are told is the truth and that we can count on the people who are coming up with all the new theories and developments that make our lives better. We trust that they…More

Seeing What We Want to See

There has been a lot of talk recently about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in our news media recently. This is specifically because of a report that is being issued from the Defense Department this month that will supposedly detail what the government knows about such strange phenomena. As is usual with secretive government information, we…More

Looking to a Future We Don’t Want to See

We live in an interesting, crazy, scary time. In the last century we’ve moved from most people living in rural areas producing food for their own use to nearly everyone living in major cities and depending on others for their own survival. Our mode of transportation has progressed from horses and carriages moving less than…More

Setting the Right Goals for Yourself

There is a great deal of conflict when it comes to the dreams we have for our own lives. Part of this is because we come up with amazing visions for what our future could look like that simply don’t have much of a chance of being a reality. The other part is that we…More

Minimizing Your Life

As Americans, we have a certain idea of what our lives are supposed to be like based on how society has portrayed the “average person”. We picture a separate house with a yard, a couple of cars in the driveway, and a secure job that we go to every day that pays the bills and…More

Existential Questions: The Soul

I’d like to think that this is the start of a new arc of articles covering some different thoughts about many of the philosophical ideas human beings have come up with over the years, but we’ll just have to wait and see how that pans out. As I was ruminating over ideas for the next…More

How Should You Carry Your Firearm?

In the current “popular” push against law enforcement, more and more states are beginning to pass laws that advance the rights of their citizens to keep and bear arms. Many people will see this as a bad thing, specifically because they feel that the erosion of a system of policing the public increases the chances…More


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