You Have to Fight for Your Right to Be Left Alone

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I tend to be a loner. There is obviously a certain amount of need for me to have contact with other people, and I can’t be alone for extended periods of time without starting to get a bit of loneliness creeping into my space, but much of the time I’m content to be doing my own thing with a minimum of interaction with other people. It’s a struggle for me to participate in social situations, and with the exception of a very few special people I allow into my life, my goal is almost always to be separated from the rest of society as much as possible.

However, the problem is and always has been that society isn’t content to just leave you alone. There are too many people in the world who are so desperate to be involved in other people’s business that they just can’t help but to inject themselves into the lives of those around them. Perhaps it’s distant family members who want to give you their opinion on your life, or people who think they’re your friends wanting to join in on some cool thing you’re doing, or even just strangers who happen to be nearby observing something you’re doing and taking exception to it. Regardless of what it is, human beings in general seem to have a really big problem with minding their own business.

This is especially true in the big picture of society at large. When it comes to things like our government and politics, the rule of the day seems to be to poke around in people’s lives as much as possible to exert as much control as possible over the people. There is and always have been a certain portion of the population who aren’t content with just having their own lives, but need to expand their influence beyond themselves and into others. Perhaps this stems from our biological need to adhere to the “survival of the fittest” mindset that convinces us that we need to gain as much power as possible so we can have the best chance of getting the most optimal outcome. Whatever it is, it certainly angers the rest of us who are content to just be content.

It might be fine if these people simply competed amongst themselves, vying for the most accolades or most money or whatever it is they seem to desire at any given point. Where it starts to make me mad is when they start thinking it’s acceptable to start taking away from me to make their own lives better. You see this sometimes in the capitalist marketplace where certain companies manipulate things to transfer resources from others to themselves, but where this has become the bread and butter of existence is within all our various levels of government.

You see, we tend to think the purpose of government is to help us regulate our lives, and to a certain extent it is. However, the problem with government tends to be that it never stops at the end of preventing harm to the people. After a certain amount of time it always wants to go beyond just basic governance into running people’s lives for them. Many accept this management with open arms, happy to give up the responsibility that comes with having to figure things out for yourself. Some of us can’t stand the yoke of oppression that government always seems to bring about, and it is inevitable that some form of resistance arises.

What the former group never seems to understand is that government absolutely never produces anything at all. The people who work in government are never the innovators who come up with great ideas to make some breakthrough in a field that makes human life better. Government work requires process people who follow rules, and that leaves little room for innovation. It is the independent thinkers who break through the molds of modern life to bring us to the next level. When they are left alone to figure out a new way forward, that is when we see the rapid progress brought about by human ingenuity.

The only thing governments can really do are allocate resources, and when there is only so much to go around, it begins to be really hard to accept that a small group of very flawed individuals should be making those decisions for the rest of us on such a vast scale. For example, I live in California for the time being, and here in SoCal certain government agencies want to, in addition to the crushing taxes we already live with, implement a new road use tax that charges us a new tax per mile driven. It isn’t enough that we pay nearly a dollar more in taxes on fuel, and that our income taxes are some of the highest in the country. They want the money in our pockets, however they can get to it.

I can’t advocate for no government at all, because there needs to be a basic system in place to maintain certain infrastructures, but we really need to get away from this “big government” idea. The marketplace of ideas has consistently shown that we simple human beings work best when small groups are allowed to innovate on their own. The only thing centralization of power brings about is stagnation. Perhaps one day we’ll learn that, but until then we’ll just have to keep on fighting against those who think it’s ok to take from some people to give to those who didn’t earn it.


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