How Do You Find Work You Love?

Clearly, there can be no standard answer for the title of this article. If anyone had actually figured out a short and simple way of finding and getting into a career that you love, everyone would be doing it. The unfortunate reality of life is that most of us will be forced to labor under tasks that aren’t fit for the kind of person that we are, scraping a living by soullessly performing work that has no meaning to us and provides no enrichment to who we are as people. There simply isn’t enough to go around to allow everyone to do whatever it is they dream of doing.

As sad as this fact is, it is the hope that perhaps we might be the one to get lucky and find the work we love doing that keeps us going every day. If we laid down and accepted the spiritual slavery that comes with toiling away for someone else’s dream, not many of us would choose to keep on living. It is our drive to see our dreams come true that keeps us getting up every day and going to work. The spiritual sustenance that comes from hope staves off the despair that would end us otherwise.

So how do we get to the point where we find something we love doing? The simple answer is to just keep on trying different things until you find something you like. Most of us are afraid of what is new, and I am certainly amongst the foremost in the category. It is exceedingly difficult for me to put myself out there and expose myself to potential embarrassment or failure. Failure isn’t something that sits well with me, and many of the ideas I’ve had for different things I might do were stopped before they ever got started because I didn’t believe I would succeed at them.

Unfortunately, it is quite rare for anyone to simply have their dream fall into their lap. It is only through getting out there and trying things that we experience something that meshes well with our talents and interests. Just like searching for a job requires effort, finding our calling requires significant amounts of work beyond simply paying the bills. It requires putting ourselves in uncomfortable places, exposing our vulnerabilities to the world in the hope that we can find something that enhances our lives through meaningful accomplishment.

Much of this comes down to being willing to learn new things. Many times we think we already know what we want, but most of the time this is just a lie we tell ourselves so we don’t have to get ourselves into potentially uncomfortable situations. It is for this reason that some people succeed where others fail, because they are willing and excited to go experience new things and figure out what it is that makes them feel fulfilled. You can’t find this kind of thing if you aren’t willing to go out and experience them.

As an introvert, I struggle with this every day, and most of the time I fail. I tend to prefer sitting around at home, not really getting anything meaningful done and just passing my time uselessly. My brain knows this is a waste, but the part of me that hates going out and dealing with the world almost always wins against the part of me that yearns for something more. I can tell myself that my current situation prevents me from doing the kinds of things I wish I could do, but the reality is that I am simply my own worst enemy.

Perhaps one day I will find the strength to get over my own issues and strike out to find that thing that will finally fulfill me. For now, though, this blog is the only thing I can muster at that provides me with any sense of doing something meaningful. While I can’t be a shining example to others, I can at least provide the perspectives of what I’ve learned over the years so that my readers might find some bit of value and add it to their own lives. As the cliché goes, those who can’t do teach.

Regardless, information that helps others is always worth sharing, and even if I can’t be the one that people look to as a model for their own lives, I can at least share what I think might be the truth. If it helps even one person, then it’s worth the time and effort. As much is I struggle with the idea, it is almost always when we are doing something that includes other people that we find meaning in what we do. Though we might prefer our safe little caves, it is only out in the open under the life giving sun that we find that feeling that makes us crave living.


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