The Politics of UFO’s

For decades now we’ve heard about unidentified flying objects. From Area 51 to the modern video capture of strange craft roaming our skies, sighting have been frequent and shocking to those who were lucky or unlucky enough to experience a close encounter. Few things are as awe inspiring or terrifying as the idea that there are highly advanced civilizations roaming the stars looking for whatever it is that highly advanced civilizations look for. Science fiction has given us a few ideas, from altruism to malicious intent, but who really knows for sure?

These days, we’re experiencing a rather strange set of circumstances in the form of a government which has long been very secretive or denying of such things radically changing their tune and all but admitting that extraterrestrials are actually a real thing. It seems weird that after so much time trying to keep it all under wraps that all of a sudden and with no warning beginning to admit to many things we never believed they would. For many, it is a time of hope that our paradigm may be shifting from the way things used to be.

Like most things, however, taking a look at the bigger picture tends to alter the way we perceive the details. When you don’t simply take things at face value and start asking the all important question of “why?”, the motives of such things become highly suspect. If you’re a bit more skeptical than the average person, it becomes all but impossible not to ask the question “why now?” What is it about this point in time that makes it reasonable to throw off decades of conspiracy and cover ups and reveal to the world that the biggest secret we’ve all suspected was true actually is?

There could be many reasons for such things, and if you tend toward assuming that people are generally good and our government has the best interests of the people in mind, you might assume that it’s simply because our technology has reached a point that hiding it simply isn’t viable anymore. With so many recording devices out there and so many people competent in using them, recorded sightings are becoming more and more frequent and it is inevitable that irrefutable evidence will surface at some point. Perhaps the time has come where the government just can’t keep a lid on it anymore.

Of course, that answer is highly unlikely if you’re a bit more educated on the topic. If you know anything about our current understanding of physics, as well as the probabilities that there are even other species which exist in our galaxy, you’ll begin to seriously doubt the validity of any of this. I won’t go into too much detail here, but if you want a crash course in what is popularly known as the “Fermi Paradox“, check out the video by the YouTube channel “Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur”. The video is quite long, but you’ll learn more about space exploration in that hour of viewing time than you can in many other places.

If we have a basic understanding that not only is physics unlikely to allow us the ability to transport faster than light, and the odds of another human level civilization being quite small, then it becomes much harder to be accepting of this new wave government transparency on the subject. If you accept the idea that the odds of aliens even being feasible in our area of the universe are next to nothing, then a new idea starts to emerge from all the things that are happening today: something fishy is going on here.

It’s interesting to consider what the consequences of the revelation of an otherworldly civilization would likely be on the world at large. With a new external factor to worry about, many people would be willing to look past the differences we experience today in favor of focusing on a potential new threat in the form of technologically superior beings capable of doing terrible things to we puny human beings. Fear is a powerful motivator, and regardless of the way in which an alien species might choose to reveal itself, whether through power or peace, a significant portion of the world will view any new power in our sphere as a threat.

There is significant precedence in our history of people banding together in common cause. One of the best ways to convince people to put their personal viewpoints and agendas aside is to shift the focus to something that is a danger to all. There is no question that aliens from another world would have the technology required to completely wipe humanity from the face of the earth, whatever their reasons might be. As beings still ruled mostly by our primitive instincts, it is nearly impossible for us not to worry over that distinct possibility.

This then, might be the real reason why UFO’s have suddenly become such a prominent and “legitimate” part of our discussion today. In a world where our technology has reached the point where we can create seemingly real events out of thin air through the magic of computers, the idea that perhaps people seeking to overcome ideological adversaries might be creating a massive hoax isn’t really all that far-fetched. We watch examples of it every time we watch a modern science fiction film. The ability is there.

With as isolated as most of us have become over the last couple of years, it has become very difficult to truly verify things anymore. How can we really check up on the truth of things when everything is still so locked down? What steps are being taken by the people in power to manipulate the average person into believing whatever they want us to believe? The unfortunate truth is that people have become so self-absorbed that nobody questions anything anymore, and the people who want control have engineered things to make us that way. Truth is no longer valuable to us anymore; convenience and comfort are, and truth is more often than not neither of those.

Simply put, there is a high degree of likelihood that this is yet another scam by highly manipulative people seeking to corral the masses into accepting the control of people who believe they know better than you do what is good for you. They have become experts at telling us what we want to hear to gain our cooperation, and it is certainly within their ability to do all the things mentioned above. Until you actually see an alien walking out of a highly advanced spacecraft in person with your own two eyes, it is highly advisable to view anything coming from “official sources” with a high degree of skepticism.

What do you think about UFO’s? Is all of this real, or is there something else going on? Why the sudden change from secrecy to transparency? As we discussed, there could be many reasons for this, but usually the simplest answer is the true one. The question is that with a topic so complex as this one, which answer is actually the simplest? A bit of exploration on the topic on your own is highly advised, but perhaps this is a good starting point.


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