Progressive Cowardice

By the time this article is published, the situation will likely have been resolved, but most of us are aware of the situation in Texas where Democratic legislators “fled” the state to avoid an upcoming vote on a bill enforcing voter identification for elections. Any sane person would realize that requiring someone to prove they are a citizen prior to voting is just good practice and ensures that only people who have a legitimate voice in our political discourse is heard. Of course, progressive ideology isn’t sane, and they are doing whatever they can to ensure their own survival, no matter what it costs the average person.

While I am not surprised or even disappointed by their actions, it infuriates me that they continue to get away with circumventing our legislative process with little or no consequences. Sure, they are being threatened with jail time by the governor, but realistically they’ll either come back to business as usual or spend a few days in jail and end up being released with no further discomfort. Too many people will be on their side for any real punishments to ensue, and this is why American politics has become the swamp that it is.

Cowardice has always been the easy way out. It’s much easier to simply avoid a conflict rather than fight for what you believe in. Democrats are not the only ones to blame. Conservative leaders for the last several decades have been unwilling to truly push against the insane notions of the left, giving an inch at a time while progressives play the long game. A tiny river carved out the Grand Canyon, after all, and it only took time to make it happen. Our political landscape has undergone a very similar transition.

People always seem to find it so unreasonable when conservatives take a stand on something, wondering why we tend to be so obstinate about certain things. “We’re only asking for a little change”, they always say, never realizing that the slippery slope is a real thing and that there are forces actively seeking to take advantage of it. If you actually believe that there aren’t forces in our own country seeking to tear it all down, you just aren’t paying any attention at all.

The news media is praising the “courage” of these legislators as something noble which should be repeated on the national stage. Rather than listening to the people they are supposed to be representing, most of whom want this law to pass, they are siding with their political party in spite of their duty to those who elected them. They care nothing about their constituents; it’s all about lying down to progressive ideology and hoping there will be some sort of benefit to them down the road.

True Americans would never stand for this kind of coercion. Patriots would tell these manipulating vipers to go pound sand and vote as their districts want them to vote, regardless of their personal position on the matter. We don’t elect our politicians to tell us what to do; we elect them to vote the way we would if we were casting the ballot. The whole point of representative government is for the people’s will to be done. Instead, we get elitist fools who blindly do what they’re told because they’re too weak to do what’s right.

There is nothing heroic about people who run away from their responsibilities, no matter how much they try to sugar coat it. In the end, these people have a duty to perform and they are shirking it to further an agenda that the people of Texas don’t want. Sadly, this isn’t anywhere close to the end of the line because the conservative majority doesn’t have the guts to call them to account. In the end, it is weakness on both sides that leads to the decay we continue to see today. Only after we have no more choices and it’s too late to fix will anyone really stand up to do anything about it. It’s a tragedy as old as time.

What do you think about political vagrancy? Are the Democrats fleeing Texas heroes or villains? Do you see them as standing up for a cause, or running away from a fight? There are few legitimate excuses for failing to fulfill a promise, and it’s especially egregious when that promise regards something as sacred as American representative democracy. How can we trust people who put political ideologies over what people really want? We can’t, and the wall eventually come crashing down.


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