You Can’t Let Others Think for You

One of the goals for this blog is to encourage critical thinking. It would be easy to look at a blog like this and expect to find answers to your problems, and perhaps that will be the case with some of the posts as we continue moving forward. However, the point is not for me to provide anyone with answers, but to spark new questions you may not have considered. This blog is not about solving problems, but about creating new ones.

It would be easy for me to stand up on a virtual stage and tell everyone what I think they should do. We all have ideas about what we think is right and what makes sense and how we think the people around us should behave. My posts include some level of this, and I don’t really try to hide it. I have judgements about the world and people around me, and many times this is an outlet to put those thoughts out into the world. But my goal is to be better than that.

Too many of us are looking to others for answers. This is partly because there are so many people out there who claim to have those answers, and our desire for truth is so strong that we blindly follow whatever is out there that we can find. If it resonates, it sticks, regardless of any validity in logical thought. We are hungry for more, and sometimes we give up our own identity to find it.

This is not the way to live your life. Consumption of information is a means to an end, not the process itself. Knowledge adds to our ability to analyze our own lives and figure out for ourselves what is meaningful and what is superficial nonsense. It is only when we take that knowledge and filter it many times through our own way of thinking that we can start to build a framework for our minds.

The solution to the things in our lives simply can’t be found in other people. We are each unique individuals which means that no one cookie-cutter solution will work. The thing that works even for your spouse is very unlikely the thing that works for you because you simply work differently than they do. Looking to others for solutions rather than just a piece of the puzzle will always result in disappointment.

Understanding this, I started this blog to put out my own perspective on issues and some of the variables I consider when going over them. I have no solutions, and neither does anyone else. All we have is information that we can impart to those around us to use in their own deliberations. No one can promise you an answer because answers are unique to each person. You collect as much information as you can and use that to come up with the answer that works for you.

This is hard work and requires quite a bit of time to make happen. You might have to spend an hour or more a day working through the many thoughts you need to deal with to figure out what you think. Many people are unwilling to do this and end up just following what someone else says. This is lazy and very dangerous. Our society is where it is today because of this way of thinking. Critical thought is no longer of primary concern to a large number of people today.

If you can find the desire, however, you will start to find that you will grow exponentially as you train your brain to stop accepting the “facts” of others and start looking at the world through your own lens. The rewards of looking at a thought from all angles and deciding for yourself what you think are far greater than anything you could get from someone simply handing you an “answer”. Much like cookies, those feel great but offer little in the way of sustenance. It is only when you go after the real food that you find the best for yourself.

What do you think about thinking? Do you spend enough time really analyzing what you believe? How many of your viewpoints are simply copying what other people have said? Human beings have an amazing capacity for logical thought, and no matter your background or education you have the ability to think intelligently about an issue. Start taking the time and putting in the effort to decide for yourself what you think.

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