Lack of Focus in News Media

America has become such a silly place. We fawn over ridiculous people in the hopes that they will entertain us enough that we can ignore the mundane lives in which we live. Many of us would go hours out of our way just to catch a glimpse of someone with even a glimmer of celebrity. The propping up of other people simply for their ability to perform is as old as time, but we Americans have taken the concept to an entirely new level. It’s more like worship.

The spark for this post is the numerous news articles in the wake of the Oscars talking about who won what and who was where and what was important about it all. It is mind boggling to me that in a world with so many serious issues our news media has nothing better to report on than a silly awards show. We have war brewing with China, a government bent on limiting our freedoms, and a pandemic that should be over but isn’t. Why are our newsfeeds filled with the Oscars?

Perhaps one could make the argument that it’s a break from all the doom and gloom of the world, and that’s a fair point, but it seems to me that there are a million higher quality “feel good” stories out there to lift our spirits. Give us articles about charity or nature preservation or crime prevention. How about stories of international congeniality or major deals made for the country or the advance of our space program? Anything other than the shallow, mindlessness of Hollywood.

It is understandable that there will be at least a few articles covering such a regular major event, but when there are more than a dozen throughout the course of the day it seems to me that we have a problem with focus. The attention of the American public should be primarily fixed on the important issues facing the country. The Oscars should be a minor distraction, not a major news story.

This is the state of news media overall. Regardless of who you watch, you’re either getting a politically sanitized version of a story, or you’re getting some kind of distraction piece to keep your attention off the issues that the “elites” of this country don’t want you to watch. It’s that same old magic trick of our focus being kept on one hand so we don’t see what the other is doing.

We used to trust our news media as a solid source of important information that we needed to know to make good decisions. Now it is just another channel on the endless list of time wasting television. It is a sad state of affairs when you have to rely on platforms like YouTube and small, independent content creators to get independent, fact based information on current events. It used to be Walter Cronkite; now it’s John Q. Public.

At some point, the public will finally start to shake off big media and there will be a shift in how information is conveyed. It’s already starting to happen. You likely already have several sources outside of the big media companies where you get your information. As they continue to grab desperately for our attention, they are only forcing us more rapidly through their fingers. Perhaps it’s time for them to fade away.

What do you think about big media? Are they covering the information you want to know about, or is it mostly just fluff? How much longer do you think they can survive in this new era of bad information combined with smaller, independent journalism? At some point, they are going to have to get back to their roots, or they won’t make it much longer. People crave truth, and we aren’t getting it from big media.

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