Weimar Republic 2.0: We Never Learn

It is a scary time in America. Fear and hate and opportunism is rampant in our country today, and the path we are taking is eerily close to the path that took us to the Second World War. Some are too involved in their cause to see it, some are too worried about their own affairs to notice it, and most of us are simply too afraid to speak out about it. It is a powder keg waiting to explode.

There are unsettling parallels between what is going on in America today and what was going on in Germany during the 1930’s. COVID-19 has created a circumstances that are similar to what was going on prior to the Nazi Party taking power. This time around we don’t see a singular, powerful leader orchestrating the charge forward into government control, but there is an inevitable movement from the republican form of democratic government toward an autocratic form of government that is hailed as the solution to all of our problems.

What is the most disturbing is that the reason that we are headed down this path is exactly the same reason that this happened nearly a century ago. The average person was simply too scared to speak out against the vocal minorities who took to the streets to make their desires clear. Obviously the situation was very different, as the average person in that country at that time was struggling through the Great Depression and the suffering was objectively far worse compared to what we’re going through now, but the general concept still applies. Weak people who couldn’t or wouldn’t stand up for what was right.

When the Nazi party started persecuting the Jews, most Germans did have a racial bias against them, but most of them had no desire to truly harm anyone. They may have wanted them gone, but they recognized the evil inherent in what the activists were doing at the time. It was because they viewed them as the enemy that they justified it in their minds as being acceptable. Good people who knew better allowed evil people to commit acts of atrocity because they were too afraid of the consequences, and it was easier to just let it happen.

This is what is happening in America today. We watch the riots, listen to disingenuous politicians and ignore the erosion of our freedom one law at a time, too afraid of what might happen to us to make an issue of it. The average person tends to be pretty conservative, even most Democrats, but those voices get drowned out under the constant dissatisfaction of those who can’t do anything else but complain. Allowing this infant like behavior to go unchecked has allowed the tantrum throwing children of our nation to gain far more influence than they should.

America seems to be a nation on the decline, not because of far left radicals who are convincing the public of their ideals, but because of a weak and uninformed population. We have been neatly divided into those who willingly conform and those who are too afraid to speak up for themselves. There are simply too few who object to make any significant difference and stem the tide.

If we want to have any chance of avoiding what happened to so many other countries that descended into madness, it will require the average person breaking out of their shell and making their voices heard. Like any bully, it is only up until the point that they meet true resistance that they seem so big and powerful. Once we stand up against them and show them we are not afraid, they will slink back to the shadows to cower in fear and wait for another chance to snake their way in. All it takes is a bit of courage.

What do you think about the extremism in our society today? Do you spend every day wondering how we got here? Does it feel like there is no way to turn back? It’s never too late to start doing the right thing, and we can make a difference if we simply stand our ground. Nothing worth doing is without risk, but the cost of accepting the current path of our nation is far worse than anything that might happen fighting for what’s right. Freedom isn’t free, and sometimes we have to personally pay the cost.

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