No Vaccine for Me Please

I try not to publish too many articles at one time in the hopes that I can build up a small library of posts that I can count on to cover those days when I’m not inspired to write anything. However, today seems to be one of those days where certain topics feel very time sensitive and placing an issue at the back of the list seems like too little, too late. Today is one of those days where there are several issues that are critically important that need to be addressed, so I am including this third article in my publishing for today because it is so urgent to me.

Our country has moved to a very scary place for those of us who detest government intervention in our personal lives. The global scare of a disease that turned out to not be nearly as scary as everyone anticipated it would be has transformed a people who love freedom of choice into a nation of sheep who simply do what they’re told. After a year of being locked down, we no longer question what our government officials are laying out in law. We simply obey.

I watched a video that was shared on Facebook that lays out everything we all fear about government overreach. Laws that start treating people differently based on whether they receive the vaccine or not are already starting to surface in countries overseas, and are well on their way to becoming a reality here. We are in danger of being permanently locked down based on submission to a rule stating that we are required to put a foreign substance into our body regardless of whether or not we want it.

Vaccine passports are now being proposed to ensure that anyone who travels has received the required injections. People are writing about this like it is some sort of revolutionary and amazing thing and we should all be excited that we’re going to be allowed to move around again. All I can see is a direct comparison to the communist Soviet Union, where you were only allowed to move around if you had the proper papers. We clearly have not learned from the past and are on the verge of repeating the mistakes that led to millions of death under oppressive government.

When in our country have we ever accepted restrictions on our freedom to move around America? The sad part is that people are all too willing to simply submit to such things because we are so tired of the lockdowns that we will accept any condition just to feel like we have a small portion of the freedom we used to. Our first mistake was submitting to the lockdowns in the first place. This next mistake might be the point of no return. Once the government has the authority to dictate who can move based solely on submission to their control, we have no further basis for arguing against future restrictions.

I for one will not submit to this new vaccine. First and foremost, the entire thing was rushed beyond any reasonable time frame. The average vaccine takes between 5 and 10 years to make its way through the proper development channels. The COVID-19 vaccine took less than a year to develop and begin rolling out. To say that this truncated time table is astonishing is an understatement.

The time frame has been written off as due to a new technique in vaccine development. The new mRNA process for the development of drugs is a promising new technology that will likely lead to amazing pharmaceutical advances in the years to come. I will not deny that science can do amazing things for us as we improve our ability to bring healing to the masses. But the truth is that I’ve never heard of vaccines developed this way before, and until these types of vaccines go through the proper procedures like the previous versions did, I have no reason to trust them.

The second reason is that there are some pretty severe side effects that come along with the vaccine, not the least of which are fever, nausea and general muscle pain. The symptoms of the actual disease itself include fever, nausea and general muscle pain. It seems pretty insane to me to submit to a vaccine that produces the side effects that the disease itself causes, especially if you’re of an age where the most severe symptoms are highly unlikely to be present.

Finally, it all comes back to the principle of the matter regarding my freedom to choose how I live my life. The government should not have any right to dictate what I put in my body. Vaccination has always been a choice in this country, and has never been a condition for being able to go where we want. I’ve never had to show vaccination papers to drive across the country or go into a store or participate in an official function. If a person wants to take the vaccine in the hopes of protecting themselves from the disease, that is their choice, but I should always be free to take whatever risks I deem necessary to live the life I want to live.

I have a lot of fear going into the next phase of our nation. We are rapidly abandoning the principles that made our nation great because we have become so timid and afraid of everything that we are trading our rights for a false sense of security. The public at large has fallen into the same trap that so many before became victims of: the nanny state. As we hand over more of our lives to people who only care for their own level of control, it is only a matter of time before we look up one day and realize it’s far too late to stop it.

It might already be.

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