We Have a Lack of Leadership in America

Yesterday’s presidential press conference was so painful to watch that I simply couldn’t get through it. The aimless and doddering mumbling of the 78 year old Commander in Chief dragged on interminably, and in the end it was just too uncomfortable to sit through. It is a scary thing to think that a man who is clearly struggling just to get through a typical discussion with the media is in charge of the most powerful military the world has ever seen.

I wish I could say this is a new thing, but I felt the same way about President Trump nearly every time he took the stage. It wasn’t cognitive disability in that case, but a clear inability to speak in a way that provided inspiration to anyone who wasn’t a radical conservative. I couldn’t watch any of his interactions either because he was so ridiculous that all I could do was shake my head and move on to something else. Perception is reality, and while he may have gotten things done that I agreed with, I could never take him seriously.

Unfortunately, I am not surprised by anything that is going on in our government today. We are suffering from an extreme lack of viable leadership in our younger generations. Rather than strong, powerful figures rising up from the ranks to take the reins of the nation, we are forced to turn to eighty year old men who should be entering retirement, not leading the free world. How can the world have any respect for us at all when the face we put forward can’t even get through a one hour press conference?

I have been making comparisons in my articles between America and the ancient Roman Empire, primarily because I see how the path they went down so long ago has been forgotten and we are stumbling down that road ourselves. Too many of us no longer have pride in our nation, and we don’t care enough to really think about who we are electing to public office. It is an inconvenience to us to actually do a little research into the people on the ballot, so we vaguely pay attention to a corrupt media and vote for whoever they talk about the most.

The result of all this is that it is the person who gets the most money who makes it into the White House. Virtue no longer means anything at all. When the people funding the campaigns can pay for positive media coverage, those people who aren’t willing to stoop down and take money from these sorts of people never stand a chance. I’m not saying that Trump was necessarily virtuous, but the only reason he got as far as he did was because he is independently wealthy. Had he not had access to the resources he does, he would never have made it past the first Republican primary.

As long as the average American continues to ignore the political process, we will continue down this death spiral that is “pay for play” government. Our Constitution provides us with the means to make sweeping changes by simply putting a mark down on a piece of paper, but we have become far too lazy even for that. The idea of rising up and actively calling for the heads of our leadership seems a bridge too far when we can’t even get people into the polling places.

We have a serious lack of leadership in our country, and it is we who are lacking. As a democratic republic, we are the bosses. We are the leaders. It is incumbent upon us to put in the effort to steer our own nation. Relying on the people in charge leads to exactly the problems we have today. If we choose to blissfully put our faith in others to do what is best for us, we have no right to complain when our country shifts from a free nation to an oppressive one.

This is an extra post that I didn’t have on the schedule, but as has happened a couple of times before, I feel so strongly on this issue that I wanted to add it to the blog immediately. I urge you to take a moment to share this message with everyone that you can. This isn’t one of those agree and move on issues. We have a dire need to start getting people to pull their heads up out of the weeds of their lives and take a good look around. You don’t even have to share this article; write your own post on your social media or blog or whatever means you have. Our nation is worth saving, but we have to put in the effort.

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