Government Can’t Save You

As our society moves forward into higher and higher levels of technological advancement, we are starting to exhibit some very troubling tendencies. In the past, we used to accept a lot of things about life that were simply variables outside of our control, and we adjusted our lives to cope with this reality. Whether it was protecting ourselves from wild predators or enemy tribes or even just dealing with the inconsistency of the weather for our crops, we had the capacity to understand that we couldn’t waste time fixating on things that we can’t do anything about.

In this modern era, we have a lot of free time. While this idleness has allowed us to move our focus from basic survival to more meaningful pursuits, it has also allowed us to come up with some pretty unrealistic ideas about how life should be. As life becomes easier and we are required to work less and less, our sense of entitlement is increasing at an exponential rate. Because we live in our sheltered little worlds, we have lost touch with reality and expect the world to bend to our will.

You can see this in a lot of the political ideologies that have surfaced in recent years. Their goal appears to be eliminating many of the struggles that our citizens face and bringing everyone up to the same quality of life. This is a noble sentiment, but it ignores many of the problems associated not only with the fact that the world is a harsh place to exist, but also that human nature is not conducive to this type of political structure. All of the worst qualities of humanity still exist in full force, our system of government must reflect this.

Systems like socialism or communism sound great because they are designed to implement control on the world around us. We like to feel that we can put rules or contingencies into place that will safeguard us from danger, and it becomes easy to turn to people who seem to know what they’re doing. This is foolish because it ignores the reality of the human condition. Ambitious and selfish people from every period of time have stepped up to claim the mantle of leader, and they implemented strict controls into the societies they led in order to get people into line under their power.

The problem is that any sense of control is a total fiction. Even ignoring the chaos of the natural world, human beings themselves are impossible to permanently subjugate. They yearn to live out their hopes and dreams. The longer they are forced to live in conditions they find detestable, the more angry they become and eventually revolution sparks. The control that the leadership believed they had is shattered in an instant by the very human nature that propelled them into power in the first place. It is a deadly cycle.

We see this in our society today. The reason our country is so divided is not only because of misinformation by the media or large groups of people shifting to one extreme or the other. A big part of the problem is the slow encroachment into our personal lives that our system of government has been pushing for more than a hundred years. Social programs, unjust wars, increased police states and more have begun to weigh down on the spirit of Americans both left and right. We simply can’t see that our common enemy is our own government, not each other.

So instead of pushing off the control of these people who want us to do what they tell us, we call these same people to implement more rules in the hope that they can somehow protect us from the people we’ve been propagandized into fearing. Rather than seeing these “leaders” for what they are, we blindly follow these evil shepherds into terrifying ideas in the hope that they actually know what they’re doing. They don’t.

What do you think about government? Is it something you trust, or something you fear? Have you seen anything done by government that guaranteed you a positive result? We like to believe that most people are good and will do what is right for the betterment of society, but history has shown us over and over that this just isn’t the case. Good people become corrupted very quickly when given power, and their ideas are generally no better than yours. If we can remember that human nature will always be what it is, we can start to take responsibility for ourselves and push our future forward the right way.

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