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And You Wonder Why We Resist

It’s old news by the time this article goes live, but as many of us expected it turns out that Fauci lied about his connection with the Wuhan lab and the gain of function research related to COVID-19. As far as I know, there has been no conclusive evidence presented…More

The Problem with Being Unrealistic

Human beings reach for the stars. It’s in our nature to be unsatisfied with what we have and constantly strive for something better. The drive to succeed and accomplish great things is what has propelled us from living in cold, dark caves to the fantastic level of technology that we…More

Inequity is Correct…For Now

It’s a word that just about everyone hates these days, like every other word that has become politically charged through the actions of one group who has decided something is bad. Some people hate what the word represents, railing against a system they see as unfair and exclusionary. Others hate…More

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I’m just here to share some of the things I’ve learned about life. I’ve done many things so far in my life, from professional musician and military service member to odd jobs and office work to writing books. These experiences have shaped my life and the way I look at things, and I believe I have many things to contribute to the way you look at the world!