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The Mad Rush of Liberal Agenda

So I think we all know at this point that there is going to be a massive shift in our political landscape in the next year, and anyone who says otherwise is either delusional or just blatantly dishonest. The events of the last year have made it quite clear that…More

The Crime of Conformity

I’ve spent most of my life inside of systems. While most people do end up interacting with the systems of our society to one degree or another, I am an example of someone who has been shaped from the ground up not by critical thought, but by the repetitious impaction…More

When Expectations Don’t Meet Reality

It’s something we go through all the time, struggling toward what we want out of our lives while at the same time realizing it’s never going to be exactly the way we want it to be. One of the most difficult things to live with is the idea that the…More

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I’m just here to share some of the things I’ve learned about life. I’ve done many things so far in my life, from professional musician and military service member to odd jobs and office work to writing books. These experiences have shaped my life and the way I look at things, and I believe I have many things to contribute to the way you look at the world!